Stresses of your daily life could be daunting you. An escape trip to an integrated wellness retreat is what you can gift to yourself.

Rewind and Rejuvenate your mind, body & soul at our best wellness curated retreats destination!
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Poolside stay

Plan a boutique retreat destination as per your needs!

Wellness Retreat

Escape. Relax. Recharge

Find your perfect wellness escape!

Mindfulness & Oneness Retreat

Experience wellness retreats & workshops by Aantarik

Ayurveda therapies

Undergo various Ayurvedic therapies and wake up to a new state of well being

Meditation & Asanas

Experience meditation and different types of meditation you can practise to heal yourself better

Yoga & Naturopathy

Discover naturopathy and yoga to heal your body

Nutrition and total wellness

Discover unique nutrition and wellness program for your body and soul

Innovative healing

Imagine dance therapy and several other interesting techniques to reduce stress and feel better


Let us plan a 'BIG' break for you to restore your energy and reawaken your soul!

Blissful Destination

Most Blissful Wellness Destinations!


'Feed Your Soul' To Be Happy

Feed your soul with delicious healthy food filled with nutrition to be healthy & happy!

Traditional & Modern Therapies!

Pamper yourself with relaxing spa therapies, followed by yoga & meditation and other wellness activities to rejuvenate physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Wellness Goals

Tranquil Destinations

Explore off beat & beautiful tranquil destination for complete relaxation

Private Pool Side Stay

Unwind & pamper yourself in a comfortable & luxurious poolside stay!

Wellness Activities

Revitalise & improve your physical and spiritual health through wellness integrated activities

Wellness Experiences

Experience comfortable stay with healthy nutritious food for a refreshing mini vacay!

Empower Yourself

Create your own customised wellness retreat to revitalise your soul

Let us plan for you the best wellness retreat program which is customised just for you!